Rebecca Blomberg was born in Gothenburg Sweden, but spent most of her childhood in Malaysia and Egypt. She has trained in a variety of dancestyles including hip hop, ballet, breaking, acrobatics, bachata, and Salsa both cuban, line style on 1 and New York style on 2.

It was in Egypt her love for dance grew strong. After returning back to Sweden at the age 12, she began dancing at many different dance schools all around in Gothenburg.

At 19 years old she backpacked around South and Central America to explore different Latin dancestyles. It was in Cuba her passion for salsa developed. After training and teaching in Gothenburg she moved to New York City where she graduated with exellence at Broadway Dance Center and at Peridance Capezio Center NYC.

During her first year in New York, she auditioned for the world famous, exceptionally talented director and dancer Shani Talmor. The audition was to be a part of her Lady styling team ”Shani’s Girls”. Although she auditioned for the semi-pro team Shani was so impressed by her that she put her directly on the pro team.

After travelling around America with Shani’s Girls and performing for almost two years, she returned back home to Sweden.

Although Rebecca had already made plans to return to New York she started performing with a bachata team in Gothenburg. It was at one of their bachata shows that the dancer, choreographer and director Adriana Mendes noticed her. She was asked to join Adriana’s successful salsa lady styling team ”Salseras”. The first major performance was at the Berlin Salsa Congress, where the show impressed the world salsa champion BNF director and founder Eider Rúa. He immediately invited the team to perform as his special guests in the 3rd Dubai Latin Festival. Together with Salseras Rebecca continued to perform in Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Los Angeles.

When returning to New York City, she started training with Baila Society. She auditioned for the team and was one of the three, out of more than 50 people applying that was picked to join the team. Shortly after the Founding Partner and Artist Director Daniel Enskat chose her as his dance partner to perform at Nordic Fund Selection Forum in Stockholm in front of an audience of the leading investors and asset managers in Scandinavia.

She also performed with Baila Society at the Peridance Capezio Center 31st Anniversary Gala and at Cielo Latino Gala in New York City. The night ended very successfully with donations of 1 million dollars.

During her last stay in Gothenburg she trained with Gothenburg Power Gymnastics and was a trainer for kids from 3-7 years old.

She was recently awarded by the government of the United States an O-1 visa, classification as a person with extraordinary abilities and international acclaim in the artist field of dance.

As of her return to New York City she had been working with music video directors Ulysses & Jessy Terrero, where she got a principal roll in the music video "Forgiveness" by Enrique Iglesias & Nicky Jam and was also featured in "Borro Cassette" by Maluma.

She is currently living in New York City teaching, training and performing with Baila Society.

© 2015 Rebecca Blomberg